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Seeking NEW  Outpatient Services?

Currently we are not accepting new family members. **Accept for Current Contracted Community Partners, TF-CBT and PCIT services**

You can complete intake forms by clicking the button above or clicking here. Please see below for the insurances we accept. Once initial forms are completed, we will send the appropriate intake. DO NOT schedule an appointment. All paperwork must be processed and then our intake coordinator will assign you a Healer. He or she will contact you to schedule your Initial Clinical Assessment. 


Please ensure all contact information is correct. This is a HIPAA compliant System. If you are requesting services for multiple persons, you will need a unique email addresses for EACH person you wish to register for services.

This CANNOT be worked around as the system will not allow duplicate email addresses on separate accounts. Please allow 5 business days to review paperwork. If you do not hear from us within 7 days, please contact us to ensure we received your request for services. Please be sure to complete paperwork in its entirety and submit, otherwise it will be pending on the system and not transmit to us.

Any question about new services, please email or call us at 704-469-1243.



National Suicide Hotline- 800-273-8255

National DV Hotline- 800-799-7233 [SAFE]

National Sexual Assault Hotline- 800-656-4673

National Child Abuse Hotline- 800-422-4453

Mental HealthLine [Crisis]- 877-924-6313

National Alcohol Hotline- 800-331-2900

National AIDS Hotline- 800-342-AIDS

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Hotline- 800-729-6686

National Youth Crisis Hotline- 800-442-4673

Eating Disorders and Prevention- 800-931-2237

Teen Help Adolescent Resources-800-840-5704

Missing Children- 800-843-5678

National Substance Abuse Help-800-262-2463

Need local resources, contact our office for additional information.

In the News  

Clinical & Educational Services

Mental Health Therapy

We provide services to individuals, couples and families. We now offer group therapy. Continue to monitor our Events calendar for upcoming groups.  Contact us for a consultation to determine if our services is a fit for you or your family.

Psychiatric Services

MindHeart Institute and Wellness Center, PLLC provides psychiatric assessments, medication management as well as case-by-case counseling services to adult persons suffering from depression and anxiety ages 18 and up. To inquire about services click here.

Parent Education

We offer a 6 week evidenced-based parent education program that can be utilized at your agency, school or community organization. Harmony Health  has providers that are trained in Triple P Parenting Program. We offer high conflict/divorce parenting sessions. These skills and tools can be integrated into your individual treatment, for one to one, as well as Parenting Groups are offered. We can offer these services in Spanish as well. 

Tobacco Recovery Groups and Cessation

Harmony Health Offers Tobacco Cessation Services for Adults and adolescents. We can offer these services in English and Spanish. This is a supportive recovery group to assist individuals that desire to stop smoking Tobacco Products.  We can offer individual treatment integrated into therapy in English. FREE Quit Kits are provided. Some services are offered in person and virtual. 

The Live Respect Healthy Masculinity Groups

Harmony Health Offers group facilitation for  middle and high school-age
boys. The curriculum was developed in 2015 by A Call to Men in partnership with Scholastic centered around defining healthy masculinity, consent, sexual harassment, sexual assault prevention, dating violence prevention, objectification, gender equity, authenticity, and healthy relationships. These can be offered in person or virtual. 

Clinical Supervision

We can provide the clinical supervision you need to obtain your full licensure as a non-HH staff family member.  Click here to begin services.

Training and Consultation

Harmony Health Offers training, team building activities and consultation for professionals, community, or government organizations. Contact us to book a workshop or training for your agency. You can find our capability statement here.

You can also request services through our consulting agency.

Click here for more information.

Nature Based Therapy Program *Coming Soon*

Nature Based therapy is a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing using the natural environment as a healing tool and a means to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. This can be done individually and/or in group settings. Activities such as hiking, walking, gardening, or spending time in natural settings are considered nature therapy. Harmony Health is excited to be able to offer this service. Our Fiscal Sponsor, OBey Foundation has provided Harmony Health with land and other resources and supplies to use for gardening, yoga and more as well as using the OBey Wellness Center as a space to walk, hike and more. Other Community Partners such as Urban Institute for Strengthening Families, have been instrumental in helping us to develop this program. Stay tuned for updates. 

Wellness Services


Flexibility Training


Reiki Healing

Chakra Balancing

Crystal Healing

Healthy For Life Workshops

Healthy Eating Cooking Classes/Demonstrations

Paying for your services
For organizations, we offer invoicing, contracting w/terms and other payment options.
For Individual outpatient mental health services, we accept HSA, FSA, private pay cash, check or credit card.
Wellness services and some psychoeducational, parenting services are self-pay by cash, check or credit card. 
For therapy services, we can accept the following insurances:
**Please note, Insurance does not cover Wellness Services at this Time.**
NC Medicaid: Alliance , Access , Partners, NC Health Choice and the following NC Medicaid Managed Care Programs: United Health Community, Healthy Blue, Carolina Complete Health, WellCare and AmeriHealth Caritas.
Commercial Insurance:
United Health Care/Optum and UHC Exchange Plans
Veterans Affairs Community Care Network
Blue Cross Blue Shield, BCBS Blue Home [we do NOT accept BCBS Blue Local or Blue Value through the Market Place Exchange.]
MedCost [We DO NOT Accept CBHA]
Aetna [We DO NOT Accept Aetna CVS]
** Currently In the near future we will be accepting other private insurances as well.
Your cost and/or co-pays will be determined based on your coverage and/or assessed fees. 
We strongly recommend contacting your insurance provider prior to your session to determine if you owe any copays, deductibles, coinsurance, and to make sure we are in-network with your insurer.  As a courtesy, we will also verify your insurance prior to your session to determine coverage.  Please note that verification of insurance does not guarantee coverage.  Once billed, the insurance company will update or provide any changes, corrections or such. Payment for co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles are expected when services are rendered. **It is your responsibility to follow-up with your insurance company for delayed payments or other concerns.**

Community Connections Program Services



Harmony Health is Proud to announce our Community Initiative:
Community Connections!

Our Community Connections Program purpose is to partner with Community agencies, organizations, and such to increase access to Wellness resources and services for underserved and marginalized populations. We partner with local academic institutions to recruit, train and utilize clinical interns to offer free and low costs mental health services to vulnerable populations. We partner with other community organizations to provide free or lower cost resources, training, workshops to the Greater Charlotte Community. 


One of these services is Free and Low Cost Therapy.

Our Free and Low Cost Services have conditions, and participants must meet criteria.

These are limited slots based on income with Costs ranging from $0- $30 for Mental Health services. These services are provided by Our Advanced Level Graduate Level Student Clinician Interns who has received training to provide therapy. MUST Meet Eligibility Criteria. 


These are first come first serve slots based on availability. This program will serve children and adults.

Please email or call the office for more info or to apply.

Another Community Connections program is called Kuumba Youth Theater. This is 12-week workshop for youth of color ages 10-16. This program delves into important soft skills including emotional identification & regulation, healthy coping skills, assertive communication skills, and healthy decision making using the stage as the medium. Actor training, script analysis, the creative design and use of production elements is also included in this program. Call or email on how to book this program for your school, organization or community.

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