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Harmony Health's Community Connections


Harmony Health's Founder, Momma Bey recognizes that Wellness is a HOLISTIC Concept. NOT either or But AND. In Our Effort to Promote Collectiveness and the Holistic Approach to Healing, we acknowledge that Overall Wellness includes the Mind, Body and Spirit. For this to be successful, It takes a Village. It requires Community. She didn't want to do this work Alone! Stepping out of the normal private practice model, Momma Bey wanted to address social justice, inequities and health disparities. So she decided to create the Community Connections Program. 

Our Community Connections Program purpose is to partner with Community agencies, organizations, and such to increase access to Wellness resources and services for underserved and marginalized populations. We have partnered with OBey Foundation, a local Non-profit to Officially become our fiscal and financial sponsor whom promotes, solicits, provides and accepts funding on our behalf to support Our Initiatives. OBey Foundation has specifically supported Professional Development, Tobacco Recovery, Food Security, Free Mental Health Services, Community Wellness Programs and our Nature Based Therapy Program. They have continued to pursue Wellness Grants on our behalf to continue to support all of our Wellness Efforts.

As partners with other community organizations, we aim to provide free or lower cost mental health treatment, resources, training, workshops and wellness programs to the Greater Charlotte Community. 

These can and have included:

  • Educational and Community Workshops

  • Evidenced Base Training for HH Staff to offer quality, best practice care to our community.

  • Nature Based Therapy Program

  • Kuumba Youth Theater

  • Concealed Carry Training

  • Latinx Supportive Services

  • Tobacco Recovery

  • Parenting Support

  • Food Security

  • Health Initiatives

  • Free Community Wellness Programs

  • Humanitarian and Volunteer Opportunities [including International Service Trips]

  • Wellness and Healing Retreats

  • Resource Giveaways

  • Mental Health and Wellness Programs

  • Youth Programs and More!

If you would like to partner, sponsor or provide a Community Connections Initiative, please email us with your thoughts, ideas, details of program and how it fits into our wellness mission and one of our team members will get back to you to see how we could work together.

To Donate or Contribute to One of our Current Initiatives, Click Here! OR Click the tab above that says, DONATE.

Your donation is tax-deductible through OBey Foundation, a nonprofit in the Charlotte, NC Community.

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