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What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a treatment to assist individuals in addressing needs or concerns such as: depression, anxiety, trauma, discord in families, relationships or other unfavorable behaviors. This type of therapy or healing process begins with an assessment to determine the best path in assisting each individual or family to address those needs. Harmony Health is committed to you and your family's well-being all around. We partner with you, as the expert, and work towards developing a plan to best suit your needs.

Through a person centered approach, uniquely designed for each individual or family, we use a combination of interventions to include but not limited to: behavioral, cognitive, movement, somatic, spiritual, alternative, energy work and more to provide a holistic mind-body healing process.

3124 Milton Rd

Suite 308

Charlotte, NC 28215

Tel: 704-469-1243

Fax: 704-469-1713

Available Services
  • Individual Counseling

  • Family and Couples Counseling

  • Group Counseling

  • Parent Education

  • Professional Development

  • Wellness Services

Harmony Health’s Philosophy and Treatment Model is a Trauma Focused, Healing  Centered and African Centered Psychology Approach to Healing.

What does this mean? 

What is healing centered? 

A healing centered approach is a holistic model centering culture, spirituality, civic action and collective  healing. A healing-centered approach views trauma not simply as an individual isolated experience, but rather highlights the ways in which trauma and healing are experienced collectively. It highlights the importance of the strengths of individuals rather than their deficits. It also emphasizes the importance of  providers of services, engaging  in their own healing work; as a parallel process. The term healing-centered engagement expands how we think about responses to  trauma work and offers a more holistic approach to fostering well-being. 

What is Trauma Focused? 

Trauma-Focused is a specific approach to therapy that recognizes and emphasizes understanding how the  traumatic experience impacts a person’s mental, behavioral, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This  type of therapy is rooted in understanding the connection between the trauma experience and the person’s emotional and behavioral responses. 

African centered psychology recognizes:  

The notion that everything in the universe is interconnected; the value that the individual is not more important than the experience of a collective; but just as important and how one's personal experience can impact others. This concept focuses on the idea that each person is unique and their unique experience is intricate on the impact of their behavior, thoughts, beliefs and actions on self and others around them. This awareness of communal self-knowledge is the key to mental health.  African psychology is ultimately concerned with understanding the systems of meaning in human Being-ness [not just Humans doing], the features of human functioning, and the restoration of normal/natural order to human development. As such,  it is used to resolve personal and social problems and to promote optimal functioning. "Culture-Based” Treatment Starts with the recognition that culture is highly relevant to people’s everyday behavior. Their values, shared historical context, experience, and language all affect how they perceive things, how they feel, and what matters to them most. It is implied in our work as professional to examine self world views, positionality, and how the way we show up in the world can impact how we help and serve others. It is also integrated in our healing model, helping others to understand how they show up can impact and shape their own experiences as well. 

tobacco free.jpg

Harmony Health has been Tobacco Free as of July 1, 2021. 

What does it mean to be Tobacco Free?

There will be no smoking on site, or during virtual sessions with Harmony Health. We also  offer Recovery Groups and Services for any staff or family members receiving services through Harmony Health. 

Harmony Health is committed to our Families’ Safety and Overall Health and Wellbeing. 

Harmony Health is responding to Coronavirus [COVID 19]. Here is our response:


Harmony Health has transitioned to offer Tele-Health Services. We have been developed updated policies and procedures to ensure Harmony Health Families' Safety.  Harmony Health has resumed IN Office Services and continues to offer Virtual Services.

​Harmony Health will continue Sanitation practices of disinfecting furniture and contact surfaces with anti-viral solutions to keep all common areas clean. Hand sanitizer is placed at the front desk. All staff will continue to wash hands regularly.

Thank you for your understanding and our commitment to your Health and Wellbeing remains.

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